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14 May 2018

5 Tips to Be a Better Listener to Your Children

Everyday life for a modern parent is busy, sometimes even chaotic, and often revolves around balancing family commitments and challenges at work. With so much going on, it’s easy to forget that you and your children need to share some quality time together too — time when you can relax, chat about what’s happenin...

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30 April 2018

How to Build Good Habits Early

As a parent, you will be keen to ensure that the world your child inherits will be in good shape environmentally. Responsible waste disposal is a global imperative that needs far more attention. You can help your kids to understand and appreciate how important recycling is by practicing green habits in your home. [Read More]
17 April 2018

How to Determine the Right Graduation Pathway for Your Child

In many ways, helping your child think about the future sooner rather than later can be a tremendous help when exploring the right graduation pathway. Every child is different, with distinct strengths and weaknesses emerging as they progress through their education. The Stamford American International School in Singapo...

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