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27 November 2018

The Love of Learning in Your Child

A love of learning is neither innate nor something that can be taught. It is something that must be encouraged, demonstrated and coaxed out of children. [Read More]
13 November 2018

Celebrating Traditions in a Foreign Country

Celebrating home traditions helps you and your children stay grounded in your own culture while you are all adapting to living in a new one. [Read More]
29 October 2018

The Secret to Fitting in Family Time and Making it Great!

Managing your family’s schedules might seem like a juggling act you can never quite perfect, especially when it comes to finding time to spend together. But guess what? There’s a secret to fitting in family time! [Read More]
15 October 2018

How to Make Creative Writing Fun for Children at Home

Let's get some of those creative writing juices started at home [Read More]
1 October 2018

Do you have a talkative preschooler?

Try these simple strategies to help your talkative child focus! All early learners are bound to get distracted and chatty from time to time. After all, being five or six years old means being a ball of energy ready to see and try new things, explore the world around you and talk all about it. [Read More]
17 September 2018

Raising a Confident Child

Confidence comes easily for some children and not so easily for others. In either instance, it is important for parents to raise them to be confident and to understand their worth. Confidence informs their identity and how they feel about themselves [Read More]
5 September 2018

How to Make Reading Enjoyable - again!

Here are some simple and fun ways to get your youngsters reading again! [Read More]
15 August 2018

Top 5 Tips for Positive Parenting

Being a parent is demanding. Yours is a non-stop job that requires you to have a great deal of patience, love, and pure selflessness. [Read More]
15 August 2018

Benefits of Traveling Internationally through Camps and Field Trips

Allowing children to experience other cultures first hand is enlightening and deeply enriching. [Read More]
15 August 2018

How to Start Stimulating Conversations at Home

We all know that talking with our kids is good. Talking with kids as early and as often as possible teaches them invaluable lessons about language and vocabulary, social skills, manners, patience, active listening and so much more. [Read More]
15 August 2018

How to Settle Your Child Into a Routine for the New School Year

As classrooms get ready to open their doors once more for the new semester, your children might be excited, anxious or a bit of both about heading back to school. [Read More]
20 June 2018

Benefits of Physical Activity on Your Child's growth

For most kids, moving comes naturally and there's no need to build structured exercise into their day. Gym class and recess at school, extracurricular sports and activities, playing outside, riding a bike or even just helping out around the house are a few of the ways your kids are getting their daily dose of physical ...

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4 June 2018

How to Regulate Tech at Home without Waging War

We are raising a generation of digital natives: children are born into a world with instant internet access, touchscreens, apps and technology that reaches nearly every area of their lives from birth. The scientific evidence is pretty clear – too much screen time is not great for kids, especially children younger tha...

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28 May 2018

Moving to Singapore: Tips on scouting out your new home

As a small city, Singapore benefits from being extremely easy to navigate with particularly effective public transportation links. In fact, you can travel from one end of the city to the other in approximately 45 minutes. This is very useful if you have children attending the Stamford American International School in S...

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14 May 2018

5 Ways and Tips to Be a Better Listener to Your Children

Everyday life for a modern parent is busy, sometimes even chaotic, and often revolves around balancing family commitments and challenges at work. With so much going on, it’s easy to forget that you and your children need to share some quality time together too — time when you can relax, chat about what’s happenin...

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