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At Stamford, we not only promote healthy eating for our students, but also focus on delivering great tasting food for them to enjoy and explore.  Our café partner Chartwells is a leading provider of food services to schools and universities around the world. Its philosophy of Eat, Learn and Live is evident in the freshly cooked meals that their dedicated team of professional chefs prepare in our onsite kitchens.  Charwells offers a healthy, nutritious and delicious menu, which helps students develop, learn and perform at their best. Their unique Smart Food Program follows the “Fresh Food First” philosophy, encouraging nutritionally balanced food choices tailoring to meet both Singapore-specific guidelines and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Dietary Guidelines.

In an exciting new development, Stamford Student Cafes have undergone renovations and facelifts over the winter holidays, transforming them into welcoming and fun environments for our students to enjoy their meals and interact during lunch hours and break times.  

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