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Living Languages

01 September 2012
Living Languages

A feature in Expat Living that highlights Stamford's Language Program:

'Most international schools offer Mandarin but Stamford American International School sets itself apart by offering both Mandarin and Spanish for daily foreign language instruction. At Stamford, language study begins in the nursery (age 2) through gentle exposure with songs and games to build the foundation of language development. Stamford’s daily language program continues through the grades at an ever more challenging spoken and written level. Stamford’s classes are broken down into beginner, core and intermediate levels to ensure that each student is appropriately challenged and advances in their chosen language.

“When it comes to choosing a language, we suggest families consider any prior study or ability in a language, the family culture and background, and the expected transition from Singapore,” commented Stamford Elementary Director, Tamara Shreve. “That said, about 60 percent of students choose Mandarin because of the unique opportunity that Singapore provides for students to practice the language locally. Communicating in a foreign language in real-life situations is a great way to cement student knowledge and Stamford provides many opportunities for students to use their acquired language skills in everything from field trips to presenting in student assemblies.” '


Read the full article here.


Read the full article here.

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