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Global Mentor Program


Students Gain Access to Excellence  

At Stamford American International School we believe that when it comes to our students, we need to surround them with the best of the best, so that they receive an even more dynamic education and are inspired to be at the top of their game. To achieve this, we are innovating education by partnering with some of the world’s top minds, athletes and industry leaders, all housed within one of the world’s most progressive school campuses.

Students have access to the best international minds and leaders through our unique Global Mentor Program. Exposure to global figures in the fields of business, science, social enterprise, athletics and the Arts, invigorate, inspire and motivate Stamford American students with the drive to excel in their chosen paths and equips them with an enhanced set of skills. 

While past mentors include Gerhard Zandberg, Olympic Swimmer and World Champion, and Yale University’s all-female A Cappella group Whim n' Rhythm. This year, we are hosting the inaugural Singapore Swim Stars clinic that will give our students a chance to meet and be trained by American Olympic Medallist and World Record Swimmer Jessica Hardy and Nathan Adrian. Beyond sharing their best competitive swimming tips, they will also be giving a workshop on overcoming adversity and becoming your “best self”. Students will have the unique opportunity to relay against the Olympian at school and at the new OCBC Aquatic. 

As a leading international school, it is imperative that students have the opportunity to learn about and appreciate the diverse and rich cultures in Asia and the world.  Stamford has partnered with the International Peace Foundation to support its 5th ASEAN event series ‘Bridges – Dialogues toward a Culture of Peace,’ which will see acclaimed Nobel Laureate speakers conduct talks and workshops at Stamford. On October 1st, Professor Sir James Alexander Mirrlees, 1996 Nobel Laureate for Economics, visited the school to present his specialist subject of “Conflict, Cooperation and the Common Good.” This talk will be followed by other Nobel Laureates recognized in their fields of Peace, Chemistry, Physics and Medicine throughout the next school year. 

Stamford American’s ethos is to continually develop and drive education to ensure that students are prepared and given the tools they need to be future leaders. Our commitment is; to equip our students with a dynamic and innovative education by providing an environment of learning excellence.


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