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Interaction refers to an understanding of how an individual interacts with other
people, other living things and the wider world; behaviors, rights and responsibilities
of individuals in their relationships with others, communities, society and the world
around them; the awareness and understanding of similarities and differences; an
appreciation of the environment and an understanding of, and commitment to,
humankind’s responsibility as custodians of the Earth for future generations.
Besides organized and fun play, Pre-Kindergarten students will benefit from one
afternoon per week of Physical Education (PE) class, beginning in semester 2.
Kindergarten 1 classes have two periods of organized PE per week. These classes are
taught by qualified PE teachers.
Assessments and Progress Reports
Assessment is integral to all teaching and learning. It is central to the goal of
thoughtfully and effectively guiding students through the five essential elements of
• Understanding of concepts
• Acquisition of knowledge
• Mastering of skills
• Development of attitudes
• Decisions to take action
The purpose of assessment is to promote student learning, to provide information
about student learning and to contribute to the evaluation of the effectiveness of
the program.
Assessments are taken on student progress throughout the year. The learning outcomes
are a record of what the children have achieved and this evidence will feed into
quarterly progress reports.
Every child is a unique individual with different experiences and perceptions, so no two
learners progress at the same rate, or along the same developmental pathways. Parents
will receive four written reports per year. Progress reports are sent home at the end of
the first and third quarter and are followed up by a parent-teacher meeting. Progress
reports are intended to give an overall analysis of student progress at key interim
points. Formal and more comprehensive reports are completed at the end of the first
and second semester.
Course Descriptions: Early Years Program - Pre-Kindergarten and
Kindergarten 1 continued
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