Stamford American Elementary School Curriculum Guide - page 13

Dispositions and Attitudes
– Children develop an interest in learning and become
excited and motivated by what they experience as they engage in activities that
promote emotional, moral and social development. Children are provided with
positive images and activities that challenge their thinking and help them to embrace
differences in family, gender, ethnicity, language, religion and cultural backgrounds.
Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem
– Children develop a sense of their own importance
and value, gaining an understanding and sensitivity for significant events in their own
and other people’s lives. Children explore close relationships leading to the growth of
self-assurance, which promotes a sense of belonging and security.
Making Relationships
– Children form positive relationships by working alongside
and collaboratively with others. They establish warm, caring relationships with their
peers and teachers. Children are encouraged to learn through play, both in groups of
varying size and sometimes individually.
Physical Health
– Children develop the confidence to move around safely, with
awareness of the space around themselves and others. Children are given
opportunities to explore challenging physical activities. Children are given time to
experiment and persist in activities, to practice new and existing skills and to learn
from their mistakes. Children learn appropriate vocabulary for these physical actions.
Children explore a wide range of small and large equipment and tools, perfecting the
skills required to use them safely and effectively.
Personal Care
– Children develop an understanding of self-respect and become
aware of their own personal hygiene and care. Children develop a desire to become
increasingly more independent and begin to show interest and pride in their personal
hygiene and appearance. Children are given the opportunity to choose when and
what to eat, and to promote independence and social development while enjoying
food in a group setting.
Physical Education
– Nursery students benefit from a specialist led Physical Education
class beginning in semester 2.
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