Stamford American Elementary School Curriculum Guide - page 12

– Children are given opportunities to explore and investigate their own
culture and that of their peers. Children celebrate the similarities and differences
between each other, as well as their cultures and festivals. Children learn to respect
and value all people, to share, be polite and listen and play with others.
– Children are given opportunities to explore and investigate objects
and materials. They are encouraged to inquire and learn about how things change
and work, how patterns are formed and their differences and similarities. Children
are given opportunities to learn about the process of construction and the tools and
techniques required to assemble materials creatively and safely.
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
– Children are given the
opportunity to explore technology through the use of electronic resources and
simple mechanisms.
The Arts
The Nursery Program supports children’s creativity through encouraging curiosity,
exploration and play. The children are provided with opportunities to explore, share
thoughts, ideas and feelings in a variety of art, music, dance, imaginative play and
role play activities. Children are given opportunities to work alongside creative
adults and artists in order for them to experience different ways of expressing and
communicating ideas and to gain an understanding of how different media and
materials respond in different situations.
Visual Arts
– Children have the opportunity to explore a variety of materials and
media to experience what they see, hear, smell, touch, feel and how, as a result of
these encounters, they can express and communicate their own ideas, thoughts and
feelings. Children are given time to become absorbed in explorations of their own
ideas, expressing and transforming things by using media, materials, paints, clay,
crayons, glue, paper and recyclable materials.
Music and Dance
– Children are given opportunities to explore, both independently
and through guided engagement, sound, movement and music, through pre-recorded
and live performances. They focus on how sounds can be changed, recognized and
repeated by forming a pattern. Children are encouraged to explore with sound and
movement, matching movement to sound and music and by singing simple songs
from memory.
Drama Role Play and Imaginative Play
– Children are encouraged to build their
imaginations through stories, role play and imaginative play using different media
and materials. Children’s responses to what they see, hear and experience through
their senses are celebrated for their own individual and unique achievements.
Children are provided with opportunities to experiment and explore with a wide
range of cultural artifacts, materials, spaces and environments to stimulate their
creativity, originality and expressiveness. Children are exposed to live and pre-
recorded shows, plays and performances.
Personal, Social and Physical Education
Children develop social skills, a positive disposition and a sense of respect for
themselves and others. Children learn to develop coordination, control, manipulation
and movement. It is vital for children’s physical, social and emotional development
and well-being that they have positive role models who help them to feel special, well
cared for and important. Children are encouraged to express their ideas and feelings
freely, including happiness, sadness, frustration, excitement and fear. This enables
them to develop strategies to cope with new challenges or stressful situations with
more confidence.
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