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Brighter Future

Realizing student ideas – Create and explore with emerging technologies

Today’s world is shaped by the rapid pace of evolving innovative thinking and adoption of new technologies. At Stamford American, innovation is part of our DNA.

We cultivate students with the mind-set of innovators, to connect them with experts around the world, to prepare them with the necessary skills of the ever-changing set of tools becoming available to them. Innovation is introduced in the Early Years through our STEAMInn curriculum, cultivated through Elementary and culminates in Secondary to launch chosen ambitions beyond school.

We provide an immersion of progressive, hands-on experience with equipment such as Virtual Reality (VR), coding, 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC router, robotic kits, and electronics to offer students real-life conception skills such as craftsmanship and technical aptitude like Computer Aided Design (CAD) and the Adobe Creative platforms.

Stamford Students are one step ahead with exposure to advanced cutting-edge facilities, tools and teaching methods via our think tank Innovation Center, the hub for realizing ideas of tomorrow. These unique activities are then extended into the classroom and connected with the core curriculum like mathematics, reading/writing, sciences, and the arts.




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Cultivating innovation through mind-set, collaborations and technique

Such is the reliance on technology in our work and personal lives that with the arrival of constant change is the necessity to prepare our students to be the thinkers and doers participating in that change – comfortably, productively and responsibly.

At Stamford American, our team of Edu-Tech and Innovation Coaches provide the practical instruction and illustrate the application of inquiry skills and creative problem solving, expanding on the characteristic of an International Baccalaureate (IB) learner.

Our students are connected with others around the world through Mystery Skype in our 3 Cognita iLearn suites.  Experts in their fields from various companies and organizations who provide insight that ties to their learning and allows them the opportunity to apply it. 

Innovation Center – In partnership with Bloomberg and Microsoft

The Innovation Center acts as a creative hub for students to explore, driving collaboration and technology with the objective of developing innovative minds, exploration, learning and thought leadership throughout the school community.

Through the Innovation Center, students are exposed to companies and organizations including Microsoft, Bloomberg, Canon, Apple, various start-ups and Entrepreneurs, including workshops and speaker sessions to pilot and test various technologies, apps, and games before the worldwide market.

Innovation is far from confined to the Innovation Center alone, as every classroom is an immersive space with interactive Promethean boards and Apple TVs, as well as 1:1 MacBooks from Grade 6 to Grade 12, and 1:1 iPads from Kindergarten to Grade 5.