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World Language Program


Daily Program From 18 Months – Mandarin Or Spanish

Daily Mandarin or Spanish for all students from 18 months through Grade 5, extends to 80-minute sessions every other day for Secondary students. As the program increases in intensity, students progress through 9 levels in Spanish and 7 in Mandarin. This ensures that every student is challenged in developing proficiency by native speaking specialists, improving their ability to use and master their language of choice.

Both Mandarin and Spanish students are assessed using STAMP – Standards-Based Measurement of Proficiency at the end of the academic year and they are accessed using internal assessments through out the year. 

Mandarin/English Bilingual Program - From 3 to 11 Years Old 

We recognize that for some students, daily instruction is not sufficient for their objectives or level of commitment. Our bilingual program – commencing from age 3 – aims to develop excellent communication skills in both English and Mandarin.

Equal daily exposure to both languages across the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program’s subject and concept areas, results in the greatest possible proficiency and confidence in both the spoken and written language.

The teaching of Mandarin follows a similar curriculum as that in mainland China, with those who study it being assessed by using STAMP – Standards-Based Measurement of Proficiency at the end of the academic year. 

Accelerated English Program – From 5 To 14 Years Old

For non-native English speaking students who wish to achieve fluency in the language, Stamford offers two programs catering for level of proficiency when they apply to join the school.

In the EAL program, students receive extra English language support in their homeroom environment by specialist English language teachers for subjects such as Math, and Units of Inquiry. Elementary students will receive support at least twice a week and the EAL teacher will co-teach with the homeroom teacher during English, UOI and/or Math periods. For Secondary however, the support will be given every day during English and/or Humanities periods.

The Accelerated English Program is available to students from 5 to 15 years of any nationality, whose parents feel that a mastery of English would benefit them in their further studies, and beyond. It enables them to learn confidently according to their ability and at their own speed, without sacrificing any time by having to take separate English language classes.

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